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Role of the Referee

Before the start of the game, the referees check that the game is ready to go. This includes checking that:

  • both teams have completed the score sheet, and players are in the correct uniform;

  • all equipment is ready (in some junior games, the height of the ring or size of the ball may need to be changed);

  • scorers (and, if applicable, statisticians) are present and ready.


Referees are encouraged to get to the game at least 10 minutes before it is due to start if this is possible. During the game, the referee ensures it is played according to the rules. This includes stopping play for time-outs or substitutions when requested by a coach via the score bench. Often local competitions will vary timing rules etc. (to best fit all the games that have to be played), and the referees need to check what specific rules are used. After all games, the referee checks the scores and signs off that the game was completed by submitting the game on the electronic device used for keeping the score.

Why Referee?

There are lots of reasons why people get involved in refereeing. Some of the common reasons are:

  • participate in the sport and be part of the community;

  • improve their knowledge and understanding of the rules of basketball;

  • making friends;

  • earning “pocket money”, saving for a holiday etc

  • keep fit;

  • have fun!

Some referees are interested only in helping at their local association, whilst others may aspire to state, national or international competition! The pathway exists so that everyone can participate to the level of their skill and interest.


For more information on refereeing in Victoria, please go to Get Involved - Officials Hub ( 


How to Become a Referee?

To become involved in refereeing, speak with our Technical Officials Coordinator or one of the other senior referees.  The Association conducts Level 0 courses periodically that provide all new referees with an introduction before they start refereeing.  These courses will be advertised when they are held through our social media, but you can put your name forward for our next course by emailing You can learn more about Referee pathways and information sources by speaking to one of our refereeing coordinators.


The officials at Wodonga Basketball are overseen by our Technical Officials Coordinator - Karin Berrysmith, and Referee Advisor - Alan Godden 

Would you like to know more? Please get in touch with us.


Forms you may need when becoming a referee;

Working with Children
Hobby Tax Form
Member Protection Declaration

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